Internet Lifestyle Project

Internet lifestyle.....the laptop life....anywhere, anytime,

Internet Lifestyle Project is a culmination of 10 years of research and experiences!

To my earlier and faithful followers, will be glad to see nothing has changed! The goal of the project is to live the Internet lifestyle…..the laptop life….anywhere, anytime, anything….it’s the Internet after all!

But lets out line the Project for easy checklist. Bookmark this page to help keep your very own , powerful Internet Business fuelling the life that your dreams are made of. Not to be clique, but it reminds me of a story. A seven year old at the dinner table of a dear friend, turned to me and said ” what do you want to be when you blow up?”…after I giggled loudly …it sunk in “what do yo what to be when you grow up” is often off the table for most of us, but “blowing up” is always an option at any age. Change is good and movement is life. embrace the change but control it. Thus the joy of the internet Lifestyle and freedom to be anything you want….NOW. As my current mentor , Bob Stanley, says “find out what it is you like to do and learn to do it well and do it NOW!” Watch this video to get an under standing of the direction of the project. This is the most important movie I have watched….it’s so important I read the Transcript over and over and had to post it here….Transcript

That being said, the basic Internet Lifestyle Project will work for Fiat Currency and all Internet marketing Money Making practises. This will be laid out in the Internet Lifestyle Project Action plan Bellow the Movie.


The Internet Lifestyle Project Action Plan: Start Here –

Start where? you say…. start NOW. If you think of the time space continuum, NOW is a place and time that is determined by your choices. Choices without action are just wishes. To take action determines to outcome of those choices. Smart choices obviously create desired affects and wrong ones , well, hopefully teach us. But calculated choices, one fuelled by passion and desire to be our chosen path and to be the hero in our own story, legendary ones… well my friends continue and take the RED PILL….

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A little about me….

10 years later.. .

  • I make money as myself, Terry Tiessen and the Life Coaching practise, TLT Consulting, currently living in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. My interests range from Career Counselling to Life Changes. I am also interested in Problem Solving, Life Hacks, and Personal Mythology.
  • I Designed a Multiple Stream Residual Income System!….Called the Free Bitcoin Traffic Funnel.
  • My non-profit arm of the organisation is Crypto-Lifestyle Project, which promotes Cryptocurrency as a viable and attractive financial instrument.
  • I am seeking political office under the Libertarian platform.